Saturday, July 11, 2009

femino family reunion

note: more photos will be added as they flow in. ..please send more!

background: the femino family reunion is an annual event that usually takes place on the weekend that follows the 4th of july. ..this year, the theme was "hawaiian." ..the martineaus were identified by the color "orange," as each of us was given an orange lai upon arrival. ..the photographs (below) only tell a fraction of the story...

below: steve & stacy
below: cousin pete's AWESOME (hawaiian theme) carvings

below: the beginning

below, left to right:
auntie stef, auntie betty, auntie kay, auntie beatrice, josephine, al
below: some of the events

the "knock down the cups with the baseball" event

below: luuuuuuuuuuke!

Lukas knocking down cups from Cheryl Huntley on Vimeo. ..grandpa (larry) takes luuuuke aside for some additional training. ..larry has a keen understanding of the importance of the games, and he cuts luke absolutely no slack in moving him a good distance away from the target.

hey, this kid is goooooood! ..did you see how luke wanted to (but did not) smash that last-standing cup on his way by? ..coordination and discipline.!

below: the "throw the fruit into the basket on your partner's head" event

"peanut on the spoon" races
(not shown)

below: limbo contest

below: clare believes that maddie had a chance at victory,
but (unfortunately) madison didn't meet the limbo contest height requirements
below: sack races

below: maddie's inaugural sack race

below: the "empty your soaked sponge into the cup" race
below: the cup

.......below: casual observers, in support of the kids
below (preview): the "peanut on the spoon" race
meanwhile, there were penny socials, gift-basket raffles, the hawiian scavenger hunt, a pig roast -- and so much action that, this year, there was no time left for bingo.

sidenote: in keeping with the hawaiian theme, a "coconut bocce" match was held during the raffle announcements. ..taking advantage of a late substitution (jerry dunn for kevin), the team of tom amaral, steve martineau, lenny martineau, & jerry dunn emerged victorious.

below: the hawiian dance performance

below (the grande finale):
the world famous femino egg toss contest
below: jessie warms-up for the egg toss

below: jessie & lenny (losers) due to an early disqualification
-it must have been a bad egg-

(personally, i believe that our egg was sabotaged, but...)
below: one, two, three... toss!

left: click on the picture to enlarge it, if you want to see eggs flying through the rhode island sky.

below: auntie betty in the finals

below: auntie betty & leon
(notice how auntie betty's right arm is being "iced down" after several rounds of egg tossing )
below: leon & auntie betty show off their egg
--in the winner's circle--
(note the cash prize)

below: albert & lenny end the day (twin hats)


  1. nice education...
    did you know in indonesia always there ceremony every august (indonesian freedom day) that games called balap karung, makan krupuk, main kelerng and more... sorry my english not good.
    lets grow the peace with game.... nice..

  2. hello, esulistiyono, my new indonesian friend.

    i googled "balap karung" (which looks a lot like our sack races) and "makan krupuk" (which seems like a future event for the femino family reunion).

    don't worry about your english. just keep smilin' and know that wIe feminos see Peace and Games as One-in-the-Same!

    sincerely, lenny