Sunday, July 5, 2009

backyard bocce

"bocce" is an italian (?) game where one person throws-out a "paaaaaaahlini" or "little ball," before everyone else gets a chance to toss his/her ball toward the paaaaaahlini, in an effort to be closest. get points for closeness. ..basically, it's a way for italian wives to get husbands out of the house, so the hubbie won't be looking over the wife's shoulder, telling her:
  • how to stack dishes in the strainer
  • how much salt to use, when cooking spaghetti
  • how to cook eggs
  • how to stir sauce
  • how to... (you get the idea)

below: backyard bocce, 1 point for "blue"

left: 1 point for green!

kevin was the eventual champion on this sun-ny-day
note: this bout of backyard bocce was but a training session, in order to prepare the martineaus for coconut bocce, which will be an adult event on the july 11th femino family reunion.

more to follow...


  1. Fun Stuff!!

    Some trivia...
    Yes! "Bocce" (baw'-chi)is an Italian game of lawn bowling. "Boccia" (baw'-chia) is the Italian word for bowling ball.

    "Pallini" (paaaaaahlini?) is a derivative of the word 'pallina' (pa-lee'-na)(f) and 'pallino' (m) meaning 'small ball'.

    Italian Men take this game VERY seriously. In fact, for serious players, it is NOT played on the "lawn" at all, but on a court (usually soft clay or sand)about the same length and twice as wide as a bowling alley.

    And yes, I believe it was invented by Italian wives.


    xoxoxo, me

  2. GREAT info, Clare!

    BTW, did you catch Jean's comment on "1-3 July"? More good stuff.
    Love, Len