Monday, July 20, 2009


"Enlightenment must come little by little -- otherwise it would overwhelm."
-idries shah

this post is directed toward that which we experience here,
in the Uni-Verse-All Playground that includes little ol' planet earth.
awaken (wake up, waken, rouse, wake, arouse, reawaken - awaken once again: .to return to rouse somebody from transform from asleep to aware.

question: is it not more natural (and more fun) to awaken easily, rather than to be jerked from r.e.m. sleep into awakeness? ..does it not feel better to wake-up, rather than to be "woken-up"?**

let's imagine, for a moment, that Awakeness Is (and the asleep phase is merely a lucid mirror which allows us to re-All-ize the joys of Awaken-ing). ..imagine if "mistakes" also lead to increased Awareness...

if we can imagine a lifetime as an Awakening from a dream, then all of those dreamy mistakes can be thought of as illusions, and used as awakening facilitators (for you and for me) as we easily wake up, together.

maybe "lucid dreaming" (the phase that lies just prior to Awakening) can be used to for-give those mistakes a goodbye hug.


- the quote at top of post was excerpted from reverend julie's "thought for the day," (july 20, 2009).

- the picture, entitled "full moon" was taken at scarboro beach, rhode island (july, 2009).

34 march... lucid dream (2004).doc
24 may.... good lucid dream (2004).doc


** of course, there may be times, here, when we need to be woken-up. :)


  1. "Sometimes" it just whacks you over the head. All at once, no choice. Overwhelming, but whoa! aliveness in the front line. It can be exciting to be pulled out of deep sleep suddenly. Of course, it can't really happen gradually; it can appear to; but all there ever is, is this, one, everlasting moment. Love your stuff Len, as always.

  2. Thanks Susanbaby!

    "One Everlasting Moment" sounds like a good title for a thoem. :)

    I Love It. The One, Everlasting moment is Awakeness, which involves tiny blips of apparent asleepness or for-getting. Within these tiny, 80-year asleep-blips, it only appears as if we get tiny little glimpses at Awakeness!


    This reflection is the perfect backwards-metaphor, as Reality Plays with the illusion of apparent relativity/separation.

    As you & I have surmised before, it's the best Game in town.

    Por moi, it's getting much easier to watch the Whole thing unfold, like a personal sit-calm or a Play, and to immerse into the current role for all that it is worth (or not).

    I wonder what the Games are like in the other (non-earth) towns?

    Question: if apparent asleep/awake/asleep cycles are Really One Moment, is "No One In Particular" Really "Everyone, Uni-Verse-All?"
    Yours, Len