Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of july, 2009

note: more pictures will be posted soon, as they flow in

below: parade watchers (left to right)
standing: jerry, clare, jean, willy, abby
2nd row: cat, james, donna, judy, kelly
front row: jason, joe, danny
(larry & rosalie arrived later)

below: judy & abby, hazing willy
(by shaking the port-a-john and threatening to tip him over) can't see willy, but you could hear him...

kelly & abby with uncle lenny

below: we made our own parade, en route to aunt kay's house
left to right: abby, clare, joe, cat, jason, danny, judy (way in back); donna, willy, kelly
below: parade high-lights

below: the worm saga

below: blood brothers

below: post parade, ft weatherill

below: bliss

below: abby, playing "freeze tag"
fireworks in wakefield
below: jean & judy

below: jerry, clare, willybelow: judy, willy, jean

.....................below: abby, kelly and emilybelow: back at hughie's place, left to right:
kelly, judy, abby, hughie, donna, emily, willy, clare, melanie, allison, jerry, jean

things got a little crazy (below) as evening turned into night


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