Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1-3 July, 2009

note: more pictures will be added to this post soon:

below: the flight (charlotte to detroit)
below: the airport in detroit has some interesting fountains
below: jo/al (aka: mom/dad; aka: the greatest show on earth)

below: our old house, on 52 general street, providence, rhode island
(the 'neaus lived on the top floor apartment)
below: hazard rock in naragansett, r.i.

below: clare & jerry

jean & lenny

below: full moon over scarboro beach
below: kim (from the bamajam) temporarily returns to her rhode island roots
below: how to trim mom & dad's hedges (the part that you can't reach),
from the inside of the house.


please do not try this at home...


  1. Wow, now this is the heartland of America.... really....

  2. hi sonia!

    ...and i haven't even begun to post the rest of the pictures, and they only tell 1/100th of the story.

    there's just toooooo much to share.

  3. Ahhh - what a wonderful day. Started out in the Martineau kitchen with of course eggs with cheese. The ocean was beautiful and the company was the best. I learned that a grocery store 5 miles away was out of the question - it was just too far (by Rhode Island standards). Crab cakes (cookies) are best enjoyed with good friends outside near the water. Ended up in the Martineau kitchen - being offered Al's chair. I had no idea what an honor was being bestoed on me until there was dead silence as I sat down. Then the mumbling and the comments "he never let ME sit in his chair". It was an honor to sit in Al's chair, but the true honor was spending the weekend with the Martineau family. Thank you all so much, I had so much fun, and you made me feel right at home. And yes Jesse, you do have great taste in fireworks!!

    Love you all,

  4. Beaner!

    ...or (should I say) Jean Martineau...

    We Loved having you in Rhode Island, and now that you've actually sat in "the chair," there's no going back.

    By the way, "no going back" means not "rocking (on my forty-dollar chairs)!!"

    And, Jean, we LOVE you, but it's CLAM cakes, baby! Chowdah & CLAM Cakes.

    In just A LITTLE OVER 48 hours, you:

    * met those "in the 'neau"

    * experienced "the kitchen"

    * engaged in "front porch" banter

    * held deep conversations with Jo

    * ate Jo's cheese eggs

    * visited Sharon in Wickford

    * got a rose from Jerry

    * veiwed the coast guard house

    * visited hazard rock

    * experienced a concannon st. firewords (oooooh, ahhhhh) display

    * viewed the Bristol Parade

    * visited Ft. Weatherill, in Jamestown, RI

    * partied at "Hughies" with Willy n' Judy n' the girls n' the 'neaus

    * saw 4th of July fireworks in Wakefield

    Heck, you were even responsible for a room makeover!

    Not bad, dudette!
    :) Love, Len

    PS: CLAM Cakes :)

  5. Sistah-in-'neau!!!

    We truly loved EVERY MINUTE we spent with you (and there were not NEAR enough of them).

    It's true...very few people get to sit in "the chair"...and even fewer get the "wait up for you to get home" treatment. THAT is the true sign of "neau-ness". (Albert is incredibly choosy about who he 'loses sleep' over.)

    We love you, and miss you LOTS.

    Oh, yeah,'s CLAM cookies!

    xoxoxo, cd (and jd, too)

  6. Okay.

    So now we've got a Florida office, a Rhode Island office, and a North Carolina office.

    I'll work on the international office, and then we'll have access to:

    * warm weather in the winter
    * foliage in the fall
    * cool, fresh air in the summer
    * mountains
    * beaches & coastline
    * snow (should we decide to visit a ski lodge)
    * rhode islanders
    * floridians
    * half-backs

    ...and sooooo, sooooo much more!

    Thank you also, Jean, for your participation in the Martineau driving safety program, which is currently being billed as "I Get The Picture!"

    Love, Len
    PS: Sonia still wants the both of you (C & J) in CLT, for a QLD.

  7. Oh yeah, and, Jean:

    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.
    Clam, not crab.


  8. Len, Clare and Jerry,

    Only family members can spank you repeatedly and still make you smile (I feel the love).

    I can't wait to see you all again. Once my house is done, which looks like October timeframe, you'll have to come visit. We'll have fun Florida style!

    I love you all,