Monday, June 22, 2009

top 10 oxymorons

1. civil war
2. even odds
3. jumbo shrimp
4. military intelligence
5. virtual reality
6. alone together
7. student teacher
8. smart bomb
9. microsoft works
10. holy war


  1. Australian Cuisine

    Happily married

    Reagan's Memoirs


  2. LOVE 'em, claudia!
    how ahhhhhhh ya, mate? hopefully your new home/job/situation are Good! do still get to the australian beaches every now & then?

    love, len
    ps: anybody else have any oxymorons?

  3. politically correct,
    Eternal life,
    strong decaf,
    Whole piece,
    guest host,
    Complete separation,
    divided Unity,
    native american,
    door locks, at a 24-7-365 store
    trouble in Paradise,
    comedic tragedy,
    adult male,
    higher education,
    bad luck,
    All alone,
    front end,
    academic fraternity,
    and on, and on, and on...