Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the rhode island vacation "plan"

below: home sweet home
tentative plan for 31 june - 14 july. ..note: this plan will change, and it will change fast & often, without notice. ..the "open" slots tend to fill-up with spontaneous family activities, unless there's a previous plan. ..call me (if you want to play).


31st (tuesday): arrive; get picked up at pvd airport by steve;
quick stop at trinity brewhouse (reconnaissance mission);
then home to mom & dad's place

left: nerf-football in the street.
steve (obviously) did not fall for the fake handoff, as john turns upfield on a fly pattern. ..is that joey criscione as defensive back???

"34-pass to the halfback, deep... on two"

1st (wednesday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga; shop for lennyfood (maybe turn my sisters on to the new trader joe's in warwick, rhode island.)
-late afternoon jo/al - open
-evening - possible meet-up with bob & ann simeone (framingham, mass)

2nd (thursday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga/exercise
-afternoon: semi-open (we'll need to prepare for the 4th of july extravaganza as tomorrow will be full). ..steve just let me know that this is a possible boating day on naragansett bay.
-evening: pick-up jean at pvd (10:10 pm) laughs; mom & dad's for jo/al time; laughs

3rd (friday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga
-afternoon: give jean a short-tour of rhode island; visit sharon in wickford, rhode island.
-evening jo/al time, fireworks?

4th (saturday):
-up at 4am; to bristol; parade/festivities
-afternoon/evening: picnic; wakefield (huey's) house/bar; fireworks

5th (sun):
-early morning: jean to airport; jog/yoga
-afternoon: recover; family day

6th (monday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga
-jo/al's choice - family day; evening open
below: block island, rhode island.................

7th (tuesday): lenny zen day away (maybe new hampshire or newport)

8th (wednesday): lenny zen day away; evening - classical re-Union at trinity brewhouse, providence. possible attendees:
* lenny (confirmed)
* lori delgallo (confirmed)
* joyce (richardson)
* eddie pieroni
* dom ragosta
* frank little
* mike bonitati
* tom lenz (sort of confirmed)
* roberta conover (confirmed)
* jim jacober (almost confirmed)
* greg yekhtikian
* you?

9th (thursday):
-morning: jog/yoga/exercise
-afternoon: wine-tasting tour:
all invited.
possible attendees (please rsvp):
* al/jo martineau
* clare (confirmed); jerry dunn (may have to work)
* donna/tom amaral
* steve martineau (possbile)
* willy, judy, kelly, abby (huey & co?)
* bob & ann simeone (possible)
* chris horan
* you?

10th (friday):
-morning: jog/yoga
-open day (i'd looooove a boat trip to block island or nantucket or something like that).

11th (saturday):
-morning: jog/yoga
-femino family re-Union; hugh cole pavillion, warren, rhode island

12th (sunday):
-morning: jog/yoga
-family day; evening open

13th (monday): al/jo's choice, all day
above: mom, larry, dad, clare

14th (tuesday): al/jo drive to airport? ...return to charlotte. ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.



  1. Picture of Mom, Larry, Dad, Clare:

    I see:
    Donna, Lukas, Lenny, Madison.


    xoxoxo, me

  2. hey, clare!

    maybe EVERYBODY in the lineage is joal martino.
    love, len

    ps: hold down the fort, for a few more days.

  3. Neau maybes.
    Neau perhapses.
    Neau almosts.
    joal's ALL.

    YOU are the embodiment of joal... the standard-bearer, if you will.
    I am in awe that you have been able to put 'words and music' to this experience!

    xoxoxo, me

  4. clare,

    thanks (or 'neau thanks?) for the wicked cool joalcomment.

    ya gotta 'neau that it's all channeled. (as you can tell, i'm getting linguistically geared-up for the trip to lil' rhody).

    ps: have you & donna been to trader joe's yet? if it's anything like the ones down here, we'll be smiling, healthy food shoppers!
    love, len

  5. You're welcome.

    I went to 'Joe's in Nashua when we lived there. Pretty cool.

    The one here, though, is 'WAY OUT IN WARRICK, FAH CRINE OUT LOUD!!!

    ...born-and-raised RI'er...5 mile drive = day trip...impractical for grocery run...

    YOU 'neau THAT!

    Seeya tamarrah.
    xoxoxo, me

  6. yeahyuh clayuh, but... waddabout da wine? we might need some wicked good picnic goodies!
    hey, jean! what time ahhhh ya gettin into the big crabapple on thurs?