Tuesday, June 23, 2009


after all, military intelligence is a no-brainer.

now and then
, asked about the new and improved mobile station, the honest politician said "no comment." ..almost everything is a safe investment now that our assistant manager discussed death benefits at a business party.

in a world of stagnant growth, free trade, liquid paper, friendly takovers and instant replay, job security is a moving target, going nowhere, fast (much like the home office).

it's bitter-sweet. ..when home schooled graduate students lose athletic scholarships for taking study breaks during practice tests, it's time to re-train the trainer.

on campus, students are barely dressed in casual chic designer jeans -- as dress pants and dress shirts made of natural synthetics accentuate costume jewelry.

odd, even a good lawyer would cringe -- given buffalo wings, boneless ribs, cheeze steak, and chili. 

while non-alcohol beer and decaffeinated coffee are passe' trends, cream soda (with diet ice cream over 12 ounce pound cake) makes an indescribably delicious healthy dessert -- next to gourmet fast food with natural additives that seem too good to be true.

is this an intelligent oxymoron, or just another unpublicized post?


  1. Chili, all by itself. Dearly priceless .

  2. i was wondering if someone would pick up on that!

  3. also, my apologies for the run-on sentences, but ya gotta go with what you got!