Monday, June 22, 2009

'neau one 'neaus

'neau one 'neaus (for sure)

by no no 'neau

one 'neaus (the reason)
'neau one 'neaus (the Way)
'neau one 'neaus why morning wakes us up in time for Play

* we must be getting close to family re-Union time!

* to be "in the 'neau," click here.

* to be 'neausy, click here.


  1. Who remembers when it all began
    out here in 'neau man's land
    Before the whole world was in our hands
    out here in 'neau man's land
    Before the banners and the marching bands in 'neau man's land!

    (my apologies to Billy Joel)

    xoxoxo, me
    8 days and counting

  2. thanks, clare!

    you just helped me re-Cognize that i live my life in 'neau man's land.
    love, len