Saturday, June 27, 2009

IP-7: well worth the weight

IP-7: well worth the weight

at wIe, "weight" is not that silly number that pops-up on your scale
when you step on it.

rather, your weight is a flowing process
that is best measured over a period of time.

the number on your scale
is a feedback mechanism that can be utilized to facilitate
increased body awareness.
recommendation: if you are going to use a scale, then "weigh-in" every day, first thing in the morning when you ease out of bed. ..use the same scale, placed in the same place, every day. ..take the average of your daily weight (over the course of a month/cycle) and call that your "starting weight."

what you'll notice is a daily fluctuation of weight, based upon various consumption/expenditure habits and your personal cycles. ..furthermore, re-cognize that:

"the silly number on this scale is but a miniscule indicator of that which i call 'me.'
the number on the scale serves me, by helping me to increase my well-awareness."

if you ever notice a "loss" of more than 2 pounds during a single week, re-cognize that there is a good chance that the weight will be found again, at some point in the future.

instead of playing the game of daily/weekly lost & found, a monthly approach to weight change will allow you to assess current wellness practices and the resulting effects thereof.

along with weight, other feedback mechanisms include:
  • inches (actually, a much more practical measurement than weight)
  • the way that you feel: before/during/after eating, moving, resting, meditation, stretching, etc.
  • color/appearance/scent of your body's waste products (including sweat)
  • ease (of movement, breath, sleep patterns)
  • appearance (fingernails, toenails, skin, eyes, tongue)

is a holistic, multidimensional construct, and its components are best considered in harmony with each other. ..we can utilize physical sense-ations to provide us a glimpse into our mental/Spiritual state.

instead of dwelling on body weight, we can utilize it wisely as a small part of a miraculous feedback system designed to alert us as to our recent life path/course. ..from tHERE, an obvious question is:

"based upon how i feel about
what i've done,
where i am,
and what i'd like to experience...

...what do i do-Be-do Now?"

* graphic of the scale by microsoft clipart.
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