Friday, June 26, 2009

IP-6: smoothie of the day

alternative title: "can't beet kiwi"

note: for the meaning of "IP," please click on IP-4 here.

for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.
today's (can't beet kiwi) smoothie was made with:

* 1 banana
* 3 carrots (tops cut off)
* 1/4 of a small beet
* 1/4 cup-ish orange juice (to liquefy)
* handful (or more) of frozen strawberries (i ran out of peanuts) - to your taste
* chopped ginger (a little piece, about the size of a thumbnail)
* 1/4 lemon (skinned)

* topped off with a slice of kiwi. ..i tried to "shave" slivers of carrot on top, but it didn't look right, so i found a kiwi in the fridge, and "voile."

1. put ingredients in blender (don't put slice of kiwi in blender, as it will cease to be a slice)
2. press "play" (taste test by scooping & slurping a spoonful off of the top, while it's blending)
3. after pouring into a cool-looking glass, apply topping (kiwi slice) on top

"delicious and nutritious" -dane cook

* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.

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