Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IP-4: smoothie of the day

alternative title: carrot top

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for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.
today's (carrot top) smoothie was made with:

* 2 bananas
* 6 carrots (tops cut off)
* 1/4 cup-ish orange juice (to liquefy)

* (optional) handful of nuts (i went with salted peanuts, since that what was within reach)
* (optional) topped off with a tiny portion of chopped beets. ..the beets are "chopped" because i don't know how to create that "shaved" look

1. put ingredients in blender (don't put beets in the blender, unless you want a red drink**)
2. press "play"
3. put topping on top (low-fat whipped topping works, in a pinch)


* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.

* a good friend of mine has a composting system that may be highlighted on a future IP post. ..the system allows her to recycle the pulp, which results in nutrient-rich soil that has turned her backyard garden into a self-sustaining environment for herbs/vegetables/fruits. ..she also demonstrated a juicing process (from the opening of the fridge to the cleaning of the juicer) that took her only 7 minutes & 35 seconds. ..yum!

** actually, a beet drink (strawberries, carrots, ginger, etc.) with carrot shavings on top is another colorful way to get well.

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