Thursday, June 25, 2009

helicopter crash, ft. rucker, alabama

below is part of an e-mail that i just received from jim casey.

" Just in case you hear about it on the news,
we had one of my co-workers (Jim Elliott) get killed in a crash yesterday.
The other pilot survived. ..Details of the crash are sketchy.
I just thought I would let you know."
-Jim Casey

this message is being posted here:

1. to pay respects to jim elliot

2. to re-Mind us that our friends, jim casey & dick reinhardt, take their lives in their hands every time that they step out to the flight-line and fire-up a helicopter.

3. to re-Mind us, once again, that life is a fleeting, unstable blink of a micro-moment.

Love yours, Love others' -- while wIe can.

note: jim
is too modest to ever bring this up, but he actually saved a pilot's life on the flight-line, many years ago. ..during a "hot refuel" operation, an explosion turned the pilot's body into a projectile, throwing him over 200 feet from the aircraft. ..jim reached the pilot (who was on fire) quickly, put the flames out, and took care of him until the emergency crews arrived.

keep rockin', jim.
flashback (all wet): future nightstalkers take a break from ingress/egress training at "the dunker" in jacksonville, florida (think: "an officer and a gentleman"). ...jim, who was our class leader, is third from the right.
circa de 1991



  2. amazing.

    imagine if, on my father's birthdate in 1923, you tried to explain this to someone:

    an indiana gal named "no one" (who lives in the u.k.) can make an electronic comment (about a florida guy named "jim" -- who she's never met) by NOT writing single word, but rather "cutting and pasting" the following "link" ( which allows a "youtube video" entitled "don't mess around with jim" to be accessed via a color-picture-filled "blog" that a rhode islander named "lenny" creates from his living room in north carolina... every single day.

    imagine (less than one generation ago) trying to explain that (in the future) All of this connective-communication happens in the blink of an eye.

    it boggles the mind as to what life will be like on this planet in less than another generation.

    love NOW! :)

  3. thanks, no one baby. well put, as usual.

    "i" in a weird, fun kind of way, love "YOU," too. :)

    (that was a compliment :)

    now, however, i'm going to take this apparent body out for a little jog in the 90 degree sunshine, just because.