Monday, June 29, 2009

happy birthday, sharon!

sharon (formerly greene) turns 50, today...
....and jean & lenny are going to visit her on friday
(at greene's flowers in wickford, rhode island).
happy birthday, sharon!
the picture (above) was taken approximately 26 years ago, at the salem courthouse pool in indianapolis, indiana. ..sharon & i met at scarboro beach in rhode island, back around 1978. ..we got into our share of adventures throughout college, and she met jean when she visited indianapolis in 1982.

top row, standing, left to right:
scott younger; anne; jocelyn berry; steve mcguirk; unknown army guy; jean montgomery; susan?

middle row, sitting, left to right:
john pace; carol?; larry scott; sharon (greene); bill schutsky; diane schutsky; thalia.
.where's kevin podlaski? ..maybe he's taking the photo?

front row, in pool, left to right: carl love; mike barke; mike's kids; lenny; steve.

* yes, the hat that lenny is wearing is a moose head (from alaska). ..willy probably would have been in the photo, but he was three days late in arriving from colorado. :)


  1. Hey Sharon,

    Happy 50th Birthday - can't wait to see you on Friday! We'll share some great memories of your Indy trip and my Rhode Island trip for the Boston Marathon....that is if you still remember :)

    Love ya,

  2. Hi, Jean!

    Sharon, it was GREAT to see you, and you have not changed one bit!

    Love, Lenny