Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy birthday judy!

new years, 2006?

happy birthday, judy!

Christmas, 2008

new years, 2005?

........................pre-thanksgiving, 2000?

december, 1997

willy 'n judy's place, 2006?

for more on the jude, click here for a good story.


  1. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Judy!!!

    xoxoxo, clare

  2. judy, you'd better be playing some air-guitar on your b-day!
    love, lenny

  3. Happy Birthday to one of my two best friends. I wish you love, health and happiness. You're the best - I love you Jude!


  4. Do YOU believe in Miracles? I DO! Judith Jean La Fleur was born on this day in 1962. The story goes that she was born with a clogged bile duct and the doctors didn't give her any chance of surviving. Joe and Elaine were informed that there was a new procedure recently tried on infants even with this the doctors gave little optimism that she would have any lasting life. With no real options available, they went for the surgery, and PJ is celebrating her 47th revolution around the sun with nothing more then a 10 inch "tattoo" along her midsection to remind us of her entry onto the "stage". It was a miracle the night PJ and I connected (as Lenny and Jean will attest to) but that's a whole other story. Everyday since, has been a gift from above for me to be on this Earth and time with her. So yes, I believe in miracles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS JUDY! Love Ya - Willy

  5. mommy,happy B-day! I hope you have a great day on your day!(even though you have to work)I love you and no one could ask for a better mom

  6. damn. dude is goooooooooooood.

    now is about the time when the ladies of the world say: "is that guy REAL?"

    and we reply: "THAT, my friends, is JWBW (just willy being willy)"

    while i could lie and say that "all rhode island guys are like that," it might be better to simply learn from the master, a man who doesn't "try" to be loving...
    ...rather, he LIVES Love.

  7. Your awesome! You've always been an amazing mom. Just when I was a baby I knew you were a great mom just by risking your life so I could be born.You're a great mom by being funny,cool,sweet,kind,and on.HAPPY BIRTHDAY and no matter what!

  8. since all of the (kelp lane) HUMAN williams' have commented, please allow a channeling of sydney. (for those of you who don't know sydney, picture a german shepherd):

    "woof, woof. growwwl. whimper.
    dear judy, i know that there are times when you'd probably like to poison me, and i worry every time that you fill up my doggie dish.

    "whimper, whimper.
    i still love you, though, and i wish you a happy birthday.
    woof, woof!"

    "sincerely (tail wagging),

  9. After a hard day of work I got home to hugs and kisses, Chicken Parmesan Landshark and this blog. I am speechless. Jean told me at work about it at 8 am this morning. I am glad I waited until I got home to enjoy all the comments. I am touched and I am the blessed one. I will print this page and bring it out anytime I have had a bad day and remember all the kind words you all said. Special thanks to Lenny for making this all happen for all of us on every birthday. What a gift! Willy always asks me what I want for my birthday and it is not about presents it is about the small things like a homemade card,a special muffin for breakfast, a soap message on the mirror of happy birthday etc. That is what really makes the day and of course...this blog. Jean, Lenny and Clare--I cannot wait to get together in RI to howl. Jean you have been there for me for 20 years. Thanks for all the fun and tears over all those years. You know me better then just about anyone and you still hang out with me. I love you for that. To my unbelievable husband--how do you top that message! I have won the lottery every day of my life (the cash, however, would be icing on the cake). My kids on this blog--how cool is that. I dread the day you leave home-I love you so much. Thanks all - dinner is served.
    LOve Judy

  10. Dear Sydney,

    Don't worry, I ran out of poison on the two other dogs and my connection is not coming through. Until he does, I love you too.

  11. Hi Judy, Willy and Kelly and Abby,
    Happy Birthday Judy. I hope you have a great day and a great year. You have a truly beautiful family and I wish you all the best. Willy and girls please spoil your Mom for at least a week :) Best wishes, love,
    Jim Casey

  12. Judy, with your age, you've obviously lost count - I believe it was three other dogs - but again - who's counting.....

  13. "woof, woof! snarl... grrrrrr...
    whimper. pant, pant."

    "NOW i know why you let me jog ahead of you without a leash. woof. grrrr."

    "...and the other day, when you told me to 'sic 'em sydney' when that squirrel was on the other side of the busy street... grrrrrrr..."

    "woof. whimper. whimper. willy, please watch my back. woof. woof. squeal."

    "pant. pant. woof. in fear for my dog life,
    whimper, whimper, bowwwwrrrrrr!!!!
    spinning in circles, chasing tail,

  14. jungle jim! GREAT to see you posting-up with a comment on the b-day de jude. wIe need a beach re-Union, dude!

    you are also invited to rhode island for the (now) world famous 4th of july parade!! jean has already been forewarned about the dangers involved with entering the martineau-world...

    (please see 4th of july post for details)

    your bro, len

  15. This just gets better and better. Thanks for the keepsake! R.I. would be even better with Jim! Hope you come along, Jim. Jean--I had nothing to do with Dakota, that was truly old age!

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday Judy!!!

    I just got a chance to check this out & I'm so glad I found it. I felt ALL of the Love & laughed along the way as I read each comment. What a tribute!

    Yet Judy, you are truly a Beautiful, Loving spirit who is deserving of every compliment & all of the adoration. You receive a lot of Love & give even more back to your loved ones. It's truly an honor to know you & be counted as your friend.

    Happy Birthday to you sweet, Beautiful Judy,


    p.s. And Willy...WOW!...your Love letter to Judy was INCREDIBLY romantic, cherishing, adoring, Beautiful & inspiring to anyone who reads it. It's so AWESOME to observe long term relationships (esp. marriages) where each person continues to water their garden of Love the way you two continue to do.

    I love you both, & may God Bless each of you & your Beautiful daughters many, many years of Happiness!

    Love to you all!!!