Monday, June 29, 2009

flashback: jean's last trip to rhode island

jean's last trip to rhode island occurred back in 1984-ish, when she accompanied several indianapolis army/rugby guys in a recreational vehicle bound for the boston marathon. ..along the way, we stopped at jean's house in pennsylvania, where the boys met jean's parents. i remember, jean actually drove the r.v. up the hill into her driveway.
jean & the guys in the martineau kitchen. ..left to right,
standing: kevin, bob, denny, boz
sitting: jean, steve, tim, chris
(i took the picture)

she took the boys out that night to the one watering hole in the county, which was packed with people. ..when the d.j. made the mistake of playing john cougar mellencamp's "jack & diane" -- all hell broke loose!! ..the locals probably weren't ready for indiana's idea of "chippendales," as the boys were dancing on tables in strategic locations, all around the bar. ..needless to say, jean was the talk of the town as we made our getaway toward rhode island, the following day.
left: jean, dancing

instead of going straight to boston, we stopped at the university of rhode island, where we partied the night away and added three more people to our traveling crew. ..the following afternoon, after locating those who were "missing in action," we hit al & jo's house for some pre-marathon meatball sandwiches and pabst blue ribbon beer.

above: jean & boz..........................................
below: don't try this at home

anywaaaaay... that night, we got a hotel near boston, and we parked the r.v. outside. was the night before the marathon, and we proceeded to take the "t" into beantown. ..apparently, boston wasn't ready for our antics, and we got thrown out of a couple of bars, including the last one (when we crashed a private party at 3 a.m.).

...yes, on the morning of the boston marathon.

above, jean & steve....................................

below, left to right: kevin, jack............
the race start-time came too quickly, and (who would have guessed this) it was raining. ..only five of us attempted the race, and we used cut out garbage bags as running-ponchos.

jack hit the wall after about 15 miles, and had to be taken to the finish area by the medics. ..i got a charliehorse on heartbreak hill (mile 22-ish), and i'd probably still be there if one of my former u.r.i. nursing students didn't recognize me and provide a much needed leg massage.

as i jogged/walked toward mile 25, i saw my buddy kevin, completely disoriented, walking in the opposite direction of the race!

kevin & i stepped into a convenience store, got a cup of coffee and a candy bar, and then went back out to finish the marathon.

yeah, so it took us more than five hours. ..yeah, so we didn't win. ..but i doubt that anybody who finished before us had been dancing and chugging drafties while standing on his head just a few hours prior to racetime.

yes. ..we lost our damage deposit on the r.v.

oh well. ..for whatever reason, uh... jean, i don't think we can match that trip.

_________________________________ outtakes________________

left: denny, trying to attract women on the "t" which is boston's version of an above ground subway. ..huh?

above: my buddy and fraternity brother (bob) met his future wife (ann) that night (on the "t"). ..25 years later, they are married, with great kids, and living outside of boston.

below: lenny & jean finish a 10-k at purdue university
below: denny (not lenny) and "the boz" meeting the local ladies on the "t" on the way to boston. ..denny is seen here, making a friend and nibbling on her shoe. ..later that evening, the courting ritual included drinking beer out of her shoe.

below: rugby players singing rugby songs
one more time: friends don't let friends play rugby


  1. Len,

    Oh my, what a trip, literally! And here we are, 25 years later, heading back to Rhode Island together. How blessed are we that we even survived the last 25 years. Let's not even try to redo that trip, don't think I could handle it. See you Thursday night!

    Love you,

  2. Jean!

    Wow. I'm amazed that you survived three days and nights as a Martineau! I just got back, and I'll post pics soon... promise!
    :) Len