Tuesday, June 2, 2009

flashback-forward: june 2, 2002

anyone with a teen, a party-buddy, or a car should click on june 2, 2002 (below).

5 pages.

true story.

02 june.... june 2, 2002.doc


  1. Last week had the last conversation I'll ever have with a friend who has aggressive mouth and throat cancer, and who now cannot breathe on his own or speak. At the time, I didn't know it would be the last. He hasn't long to live. Yet the conversation was fine, and didn't need to be the best conversation ever; such a heightened state is perhaps unachievable, even in the most enthusiastic life story. There are no regrets, and nothing is ever wasted. It all happens as it must.

  2. hi, no one,

    i'm with you, totally. no regrets (when i'm Playing, at a Higher Level). sometimes, when we for-get -- and get lost in this space, things like regret, sadness, fear, etc., rule the day.

    that's why it is GREAT to have blogs like yours, that allow us to tap into those nondual moments -- while we are sand-boxing in duality.

    thank ya, as All-Ways, :) lenman

  3. Lenny, that was an absolutely beautiful account, so real I was there feeling your fear and shock. Thanks for the reality check, and the "good" tears.


  4. thanks, d.

    if you were here, right now, we'd be hugging...
    ...hugging onto this fragile, changing, finite, micro, tiny little thing called "life."
    love, len