Tuesday, June 30, 2009


english has a magic word that erases the past
i’d like to share it with you, but you’d fall for it too fast
you see, i really like you, but this message is sublime
this word’s for you, but it’s a little bit before it’s time

i’d use it in a sentence but then you would surely guess
you’re qualified, but that ain’t gonna make no difference
the words that come before this word have little meaning, but
i’ll try to keep a secret, but i think i’ve said too much

we wanted to stop acting, but nobody would say “cut!”
i wanted to say nothing, but now i’ve said nothing, but

so, listen up, you’ll hear it, but you won’t be listening
they want you to be free, but then they tell you what to sing
but this is gonna hurt me (a lot more than it hurts you)
but i’m trying to be serious, but i very seldom do

1. martino, j. (may, 2002). book 4: plenny more. copyright 2009 by www.wellnesseducation.us

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