Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4th of july (countdown... ten...)

(originally posted in may, 2009)
the thoem (below clare & jerry's picture) is sung to the tune of "100 years" by five for fighting, and is dedicated to a marriage relationship that i'd love to emulate...
i imagine my brother-in-law (jerry) singing "100 years" to my sister (clare) ... or maybe it's ALL of us men, singing to ALL of you, the lovely-est of love-ly ladies...
below (linked from YouTube) "100 years" by five for fighting.

below -- is my sister clare's chance, to sing back to jerry...
(again, to the tune of "100 years")

4th of july [1]
by clare-ly whenwe firstmet
i saw you there, just a marching by
a heartbeat (my, oh my, oh my)
my heart was taken…
...and then we danced and then we kissed...
-------------chorus music-----------------------
.....then a world of that and this
.....then (and now) a taste of Bliss
are we just lucky?

-------------chorus music-----------------------
.....after all these years with you
.....after all that we’ve been through
.....after all, I Love You…
after all ...
-------------chorus music----------------------- we are, back at the parade we are, the family we made we are, after all they said
here we are…
----------------------------------back to the beginning music-----
i saw you there, just a marching by
my heartbeat (now i know why)
I Love You
on this 4th of july...

* inspired by the meeting of my sister (clare) and my blood brother (jerry) on a 4th of july, at a parade, in bristol, rhode island -- and the crazy chance that all of us might be there, again, in a few short weeks.

6-23-09 update: it is ON! a group of family/friends (including jean, willy/judy/kelly/abby) has planned to brave the traffic and descend upon the bristol 4th of july parade. ..and, yes, there will be a small toast at the site of the initial jerry/clare re-Union.

tentative plan:
* thursday evening: pick up jean at airport (back to jo/al's - spaghetti & meatballs)
* friday breakfast: the jo/al experience; yoga/walk/jog at lincoln woods
* friday afternoon: jean gets a tour of little rhody (drive-by greene's florist in wickford?)
* friday evening: twin rivers (fireworks) ...usually hosted by steve martineau. ..this year, due to economic concerns, the north providence fireworks have been canceled. ..north providence is also threatening to cancel Christmas. ..we're looking for other firework options.
* friday night: willy, judy, kelly, abby arrive; picked-up at PVD by huey williams
*  saturday morning: drive to bristol, rhode island; park near roger williams college

(eat breakfast; toast clare & jerry; view parade; have fun)
* saturday afternoon: leave parade early for picnic at ft. weatherill (or the lighthouse).
* saturday evening: wakefield, rhode island. .. visit huey's outdoor bar & watch fireworks
* sunday (early): jean departs for tampa (for recovery, rahab, psychotherapy)

[1] martineau, l. (5-5.7-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009


  1. Clare and Jerry,

    For those of us who search for our sould mates, its great to have role models to show us what true, loving relationships are all about.

    I hope you have many more 4th of Julys to celebrate and that you always remember that first dance and that first kiss.


  2. Dearest Bro!!!

    I must have been in your fingers when you wrote this song.

    Thank you so much for 'vocalizing' that which is in my heart.

    Dearest Jean,

    My wish for you is one perfect 4th of July that lasts forever. Thank you for the love you send.

    I love you, both.
    xoxoxo, me

  3. Willy, Judy, Kelly and AbbyJune 14, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    Can't wait for the 4th to be able to spend it with friends and family. Clare and Jerry thanks for hanging out with us on your special day! The first toast of the day goes out to you! See you soon.

  4. Dear Willy, Judy, Kelly and Abby!

    You can't be any more anxious than I am for this day to arrive!!

    I absolutely LOVE having something to look forward to, and I generally set up my daily schedule to include a future event that I can dream about. But this exceeds ALL my expectations for 'forward thinking'.

    Thank you for being part of this ongoing experience. The first hug of the day will go to you!!!

    xoxoxo, cd