Monday, May 11, 2009


tic-tac-toe [1]
by e. ot catcit

a game of re-align-ment
a game of exes, oh(s)!
a simple, little meta-for
a-round and round we go

(as if we didn’t Know)

* the key lesson in tic-tac-toe is as follows:

when the players Know the Game well enough so that there’s no way to win,
it’s no longer any fun to play the Game.

* to play tic-tac-toe, again and again, knowing that the outcome would be the same, but expecting something different, would be insane.

* maybe this world is one, insane roller-coaster ride. ..maybe the fair -- just ain’t fair.

...or, maybe this is all happening, inside of Absolute Sanity (in-Sane)

* maybe Spirit for-gets, so that ego can image-in that the illusion of “winning” (differentiation) is possible. ..this would allow for an infinite number of divergent, varied experiences on physical planes of existence.

* if ego was conscious of Oneness, here, there’d be no reason to continue Playing the Game.

Game over, dude.

* maybe Spirit incarnates (and “for-gets”) so S/He can Play (For-give). ..maybe Spirit actually needs the apparent process of separation (e-go) in order to experience tangible sense-ations.

* maybe the very reason for “Playing” is the Joy of re-Member-ing, re-Unicating, and re-Joy-Sing.

* true re-All-I-gnment happens when tic = tac, and when the “toe” disappears as a separate entity, re-Joining the Body as Whole.

* it comes at the endgame of chess, when black and white “check-mate” as One.

[1] martineau, l. (5-17.2-2006). book 47: dark knight: © 2008 by


  1. Play, don't play, ego, egoless, joyful, miserable: it's all just perfect.

  2. Yes!

    And (of Course) "it's all just Perfect" is the Perfect title for a thoem.

    Stay a-tuned :) Len