Thursday, May 28, 2009

thank God for my sisters (by josephine)

left: anna & rose femino

Thank God for my Sisters
by Josephine T. (Femino) Martineau
It frequently occurs to me, now, without Ann and Rose in my life, how much I owe to them.

They were my Rod and my Staff. ..Anna was a second mother to me. ..She took me under her wings, like a hen protects her young, and never once complained. ..The love she showered upon me was beyond the call of duty. ..This was a continual Blessing, right up to the day she was called home.
Rose became my Guardian Angel, as she took care of my Spiritual needs. ..The reason for Creation was realized through her guidance. ..Her beliefs were so strong, that she devoted her life, in the hope that her entire family could grow to love their Maker.
With the influence that they both had on my upbringing, I have a deeper understanding of the meaning of Love, which they shared with all those who were fortunate to know them.


----------len's echo-ing of mom's thoughts:

anna femino was my Godmother. ..she was a cheerful, giving Soul who lived with what can only be called "meek strength." ..auntie anna will always be remembered for her Love, Kind-Heartedness and Pleasant outlook on life.

anna would feed us (pancakes), and she had a cat named peachee.

her simple approach ('walk softly, but never waiver') is an In-Spiration. ..thank you, auntie anna.


rose femino moved-in with anna, and we grew up (next-door to them), on concannon street. ..rose was an energy-filled explosion of Spirit who couldn't speak without speaking of God. ..unyieldingly strong in her Religious beliefs, rose was just as strong with her will to help others.

she lived her life for others, and her calling was to help others See God. ..she saw Beyond physical appearances and approached every day with a smile.

in 1977, when i was pondering whether or not to join the army, rose was one of the three people whose advice i sought, prior to making that huge decision. ..thank you, aunt rose.

although we might not all do it in the same way,
i can now See how many of us Love to share our Spiritual ideas,
and how Good it feels to resonate with others who See the world in a similar way.

it is also important to note that we can learn (and grow) just as much
by observing those who See the world in a different way.

maybe nobody is Completely Right.

special thanks, to anna & rose, for being such an enourmous influence on the martineau family.
left: rose femino

below, circling to the right: josephine, lenny, joe, donna,
auntie anna, clare, larry

.............................................on the table: meat (from a bird); milk (from a cow); juice, vino (from fruit).
.........................................................vegetables had not yet been invented, way back when.

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