Sunday, May 17, 2009


tell-a-scope [1]

by meta morphosis & meta physical

scope: the range in which a variable can be referenced; the sum of All projects products and their features. [2] ..breadth. ..the Whole enchilada.

tell: to describe, to define, to share, to communicate.

telescope: that which acquires an apparently separate image, and brings the image-in (closer), into the iris, onto phototransductors known as “rods and cones”… where the image is transformed into electrical impulses which travel bio-chemically via neurons and over neurosynaptic junctions… to a brain…where the electronic impulses manifest as thoughts… which can then be expressed and shared…

…by telling the scope.


(and now we’ve come full-circle).


[1] martino, j. (5-17.2-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009 image by microsoft clipart.


* inspired by a talk by reverend julie, unity center for spiritual living, charlotte, n.c., and by "telling the scope" of a fatal accident (june 2, 2002).

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