Sunday, May 17, 2009

techno-progressive vs. eco-spirit

here it is, ladies and germs:

"techno-progressive stuart" vs. "eco-spiritual stuart"

who wins?

if you've got a few minutes,
click here for video: foothill in the mouth

(especially for those who, like "my cousin vinnie" come from families who "know how to argue")

here are some of techno-stuart's one-liners:

  • "civilization - good. ..tribal warfare - bad."
  • "smog is a natural sunscreen... there’s no telling what skin-cancer rates would be… ..without air pollution."
  • "you wanna make a cosmic omelette? gotta break some atmospheric eggs!"
  • "you're just allergic to beauty!"
  • "it's a little something called photosynthesis."
  • "say that to a honeybee."
  • "the dodo? a flightless bird? ..i'm supposed to get bummed out about that? ..what are we going to lose next? ..a fish that can't swim? ..oxymorons should go extinct."

...and on, and on, and on..


  1. That, was magically delicious.

  2. Yet more anecdotal evidence that, in the story of life on Earth, there is nothing going wrong.

  3. :)
    hey, brian!

    i thought so, too :)

    at the outset, i was pulling for eco-spirit stuart, but quickly found myself laughing out loud at techno-progressive stuart's one-liners:


  4. hi, no one!

    so true... from techno-stuart's perspective, it certainly appears as if nothing is going wrong, while from eco-stuart's perspective, everything is going wrong.

    a perfect way of showing that different perspectives can manifest as totally different story-lines.

    Good fun! :) -len