Monday, May 18, 2009

near-death experience (n.d.e.)


near-death experience (n.d.e.) [1]

by meta morphosis & u. n. born

it’s dark, it’s quiet.

it’s warm… but i feel as if my life is coming to an end.

forces beyond my control are pulling me…

…but i don’t want to die. ..i’m used to things, here.

i’m leaving. .. i’m dying. ..i’m transforming.

i’m uncomfortable.

my lungs -- feel as if they are going to burst inwards!

why do i have to die now?

life is too short (not even a year).

life is sooooooooooooo short.

i’m weightless, now… and i’m traveling through some kind of tunnel.

i can’t tell if i’m being pulled or pushed, but i’m moving toward a Light. ..a Bright light!

i… can’t… breathe.

part of me feels cut off from everything that i’ve come to know…

…but another part of me senses something better.

i’m surrounded by beings of Light. ..i’m surrounded by Love. ..i’m engulfed with Unconditional Love – like i’ve never felt before.

it’s as if i’ve been freed from a restrictive trap.’s a re-Lease.

i’m Home.

the Light and the colors and the sounds are impossible to describe, since i’ve never experienced anything like this, ever.

my Family is Here.

my Source is Here…

…and i do not want to go back…

death” feels like Birth. ..death Is Birth.

today is not my day of death.

instead, it’s my Birth day.


[1] martino, j. (5-17.2-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009

* interesting, the similarities between "dying" and "birthing." ..rosebuds end into roses, and caterpillars end into butterflies, fetal phases end into "born," and darkness ends into sunrise. ..maybe "n.d.e." stands for "non-death experience."


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