Sunday, May 17, 2009

multiple-personality order

everyone has a multiple-personality order.

we express different aspects of "persona" in different situations:

* family situations
* work situations
* sickness, health experiences
* out-of-town attitude
* party situations
* wake-up moments
* etc., etc.

maybe that's why the who sang:

"whoooooooooo are you? ..who, who, who, who?"

* are you who you were?
* are you what you think?
* are you what you believe?
* are you what you eat?
* are you what you do?

...or are wIe some(non)thing more?


* in this dual, bipolar world of expression, isn't it interesting -- how life imitates art (or versa-vice) as tom hanks plays multiple roles in the polar express.

* the graphic is shown, with permission, as artwork by suzanne, who also known as "no one in particular." her art can be viewed on the blog "nothing exists, despite appearances." this picture appears on the post dated 3 april, 2009, entitled what about time?.


  1. Hi Lenny,

    How interesting. In the story of Suzanne's life that occasionally seems to unfold, when I was deeply in therapy coping with PTSD flashbacks, in my constant diaries all my subpersonalities (or Jungian aspects) came out; whatever ones were active at the time, anyway. There were 16 of them, including the Witch (control freak), Higher Function (the intelligent mind that was absolutely convinced he could figure everything out), the Victim, Tribal Adornment (the one that likes to dress up and put on perfect makeup), Earthmother, and of course, the Seeker. Lordy, there was not only a dreamer, but a dreamer with loads of dreamers dreaming within the dream! Let's hear it for the simplicity of being.

  2. .

    i'd be interested in hearing more about all that. you've had quite the seemingly unfolding life, suzanne.

    on the other hand, if you husband ever has the urge for "variety," it's time to whip out the iron.

    with love, your brother,

  3. .
    uh, oh.
    (here we go...)

    if loads of dreamers are simultaneously dreaming within One dream, does that mean that we're all sleeping together?
    (that's enough, austin)

    seriously, suzanne, thanks for the use of the artwork. out of all of your work, that particular picture seemed to "fit" for that post (no idea why).