Saturday, May 9, 2009

mother's day

alternative title: "the Dao of Mom"

can't get enough of this picture


it's time to think about moms.

please allow me to describe "mine."

"Josephine" femino-martineau is an angel, incarnate. ..the faith and Love that flow from "Jo" negate the idea of "no."

Josephine raised seven very inter-independent children, each with our own mind, our own ideas, and our own path. ..She did it without any kind of training, guidebook, or manual.

She never gave up (and will never give up) on any of us, and She will All-Ways be there, for us, long after her physical body has "re-Leased" her Spirit back unto the Uni-Verse. can almost hear Her, Singing!

Josephine is fun! ..She organizes the party, and then She gets the party started, and then She facilitates the enjoyment, and then She takes personal responsibility for anything that isn't 1000% perfect.

Josephine is Love.

Josephine is going to feed you, whether you want to be fed (or not).

Josephine LOVES children. ..She LOVES grandchildren, She LOVES GREAT grandchildren. ..She LOVES visitors. ..She LOVES the fact that She gets to journal her thoughts and feelings, every, single day.

Josephine LOVES her GOD. ..She has Complete Faith in her religion, and that is an In-Spiration to all of us -- that we can Be-Live.

Josephine For-GIVES!! can step on it sideways, and my mother will welcome you, with open arms, with a LOVE-ing smile. ..She will let you Know that you are Loved, and that you matter, no matter (what).

my mother will experience pain -- deeeeeeeeeeply, whenever any of her Loved-ones' egos get the better of us.

Josie, wIe LOVE you!

how did we ever get sooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky as to have YOU, as our mom???

(damn. ..must have been a good boy, in at least one of our past lives)


i don't even have any idea why i'm writing this right Now...

maybe to say "hi, Mom!" ..maybe to say "thank you." ..of course, She'll never see this post, since She doesn't use a computer and doesn't care to spend time near the things.

(maybe i don't have to Know why fingers touch keys on this silly laptop)
maybe i blog -- for myself

Mom. ..i can't wait to hug you, in July. ..i can't wait to sit there, at the kitchen table, and watch you & dad engage in the best show on earth.

above: the martian-ohs (you've got to be fam, to get that one)

thank you, Josephine, for Every bit of Every moment, which Every one of us can emulate -- if we make the choice to LOVE.

thank you, for showing us the Way.


btw: readers, please don't be shy. ..tell those who might be inclined to ever read this post about YOUR mom.


click below for a very short mother's day poem
11 may... mom (2007).doc



  1. DITTO!!!

    You have described Mom perfectly.

    All we can do is agree.


    xoxoxo, me

  2. What a great tribute to a wonderful woman. Happy Mother's Day Josephine!


  3. Gramma,

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!

    And as I've said before I thank you for the unconditional love you give even though I am but a granddaughter by marriage not by birth. Once again I am very Thankful. You are a treasure, more precious than words can express!

    With all my love and admiration

    Janet ( Mike, Nick, and Julia)

  4. Hi, Clare, Jean, and Janet (& Mike, & Nick, & Julia)!

    Thank you for your comments. With LOVE,

  5. Brian MartineauMay 8, 2009 at 3:25 AM

    It would take more than a lifetime to even begin to describe how much my grandmother, Josephine Martineau, means to me.

    Every aspect of who I am has either been directly affected or made better, by my relationship with her.

    The pride I take in my grandmother is without bound, I don’t know anyone else who brags as much as I do, to so many people, about their grandmother. Everyone who I have introduced to her has fallen instantly in love; I have had people openly admit to me that they wish that she was their grandmother. Who could blame them?

    Grandma makes me a better person.

    By her example, she has made me brave. While never raising her voice, or demeaning anyone’s beliefs, she has stood up for her faith. She has shown me that a life of faith is not only possible, but that it is possible to live a life of faith, gracefully. She has shown me that I do not have to be louder, more aggressive, ruder, act smarter, or hold the majority opinion, in order to stand up for what I believe in.

    By her love, she has helped me endure. Through adversity she has taught me that I do not have to win every time in order to make the thing worth trying. Even when things don’t seem good or easy, through grandma I have learned the value of keeping-on.

    By her patience, she has helped me to be patient. I know that whatever happens, grandma will love me. I have learned that even when people make themselves hard to love, they still need to be loved.

    Through her service, I have learned to serve. She has taught me that, while not always glamorous, service comes with a fulfillment all its own. I have learned that being a servant to those I love does not make me less than them, but only binds me to them more.

    No amount of thanks would repay her for the character that, through her, I have gained.
    No gift could equal the richness that her influence has brought to my life.

    So I will only say that I love her, I am proud to be her grandson, and I thank God every day that I am blessed to have her in my life.

    Happy Mother’s Day Grandma!

  6. For my Mom, who has been with me thru thick and thin, good and bad times,when it was easy and when it was hard, who always believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself, empowered me to be all I could be, encouraged me and loved me even in my teen years when I was not that lovable! For a woman who is giving and loving to all, and who many have 'adopted' her as their mother. She has much love to give and she never runs out of love! I love you, Mom!

  7. Wasn't gonna post, but Lenny encouraged me to. This is my emailed response to him earlier:

    "Ah, Lenny,

    My gift - Ed (as in educating others) friend! How rich is the largesse which you unleash and disperse to the rest of us, to unguent-eyes our souls and motivate us to fly on our Own (as in ownership) wings.
    Loved your Mother's Day tome.... was a wonder to many of the rest of us who had/have not that kind of relatioship with their Moms.... Or perhaps we do not see as freely. My relationship with my Mom is restricted (by her), and is remote. She lives in a self-protected, closed space (building it brick by brick since my father's death in 1953), aggravated now by Alzheimers. She scarcely exists for me. Did not so much (and has in a diminishing scale since 1961 or thereabouts) even before A.L.Zheimers came to visit, presenting her with a refuge from three-dimensional reality: she has professed no interested in inner things, and eschewed mine ("Inner" has been my homeland for many years/decades now); although I suppose she has her own In-her, just not yet explored. (And you and I both know why: fear.) And until recently, I was not far enough along on my own journey of Awakening to say anything which might have made a difference. And now..... Well, I can do it remotely. Anyway, I won't be writing a response on your blog about her (seems counter-purposed to the whole idea of "Mother's Day"). This will have to do. At least, you have just now stimulated me to think of her in a new way...... and bless her. Perhaps that is why she has lingered (she's 97)..... waiting...........for that blessing......... to usher her into her next flight....

    Thank you!


    P.S..... Re: In that photo of your Mom & Dad in swimsuits, YOU LOOK LIKE A CLONE OF HIM, DUDE!!!

  8. Dear Brain-man, Julie, and Sydney...

    Reading your comments COMPLETELY overwhelms me with the feeling of L-O-V-E!

    Love (expressed) = Love (multiplied)
    Love, Lenny

  9. Dearest Mom,

    The voice recorded message I was allowed to put into you gift card - ten seconds worth - just didn't cut it. So I decided Len's website was the perfect place for me to complete my thoughts.

    Throughout my growing pains and the challenges I faced in life, there you were...the saving grace, the sympathetic soul, the voice of reason, always at the ready to calmly carry me through. From whining about doing dishes to endless hours of enduring my practicing accordion and piano to then letting me go when I enlisted in the Air Force, you always gave me my space and my 'wings'. Though I'm sure there were times you may have desperately wanted to clip them! But you seemed to realize that a major part of growing up was getting out there on your own and making mistakes. And you allowed for that, even though it would be difficult to watch. When I did err, as ashamed as I was to disappoint you, I'd sheepishly go to you knowing somehow I'd be safe and gain your understanding and support. My coming back home with a baby, now that had to really s--- tink! literally and figuratively. But you opened your arms and took me and James in and held us close. When I was ready to fly away again, you opened them back up and let us both go. I always thought I had it so hard during those times. Then I think back and wonder how YOU did all that. The patience and strength you showed - was amazing. But it didn't end there. More challenges awaited me. And you saw me through them all. I really did give you lots of practice at motherhood, didn't I? :)
    In conclusion I just want to say, Thanks Mom. Thank You for the shoulder, thank you for the ear, for the wisdom and compassion, the friendship and the laughter - but especially for your all encompassing Love. It sustains me. For this I am truly and eternally grateful.
    Your loving daughter,

  10. Dear Donna,

    THANK YOU for expressing, and expressing the paradoxical nature of moms, letting go of the children that they (of Course) will ALL-Ways be connected to.

    Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the moms I know, including...

    Josephine, Clare, Donna, Rosalie, Cat (Martineau), Patty (Martineau), Precy, Patty (Kousaleos), Janet, Jen, Cheryl (Martineau-Huntley), Cat (McCoy), Elyse (in July), Judy, Cheryl (Klaes-Pollack), Tami, Sonia, Kristin, Jamie, Debra, Sandi, Gus, Edie, Wendy, Donna, Julie, Sharon, Nida, Jill, Jessica, Elizabeth, Roxanne, Bina, Doris, Terry, Kim, Corina, Michelle, Lori (Starnes), Barb (Hoffman), and everyone else who i can't fit in this tiny brain o' mine at the moment.

    :) Love, Lenny

  11. We love you Grandma!!! Thank you for being a shining light in all our lives. We all admire you in many ways, and appreciate all you have done to provide steadfast unconditional love to your family. It takes a deep heart to love so many unconditionally as you do. God has blessed us richly with your presence in our family.

    Ashley Martineau

  12. :)
    beautiful, ashley!
    we are also very, very Blessed to be able to include YOU as family.
    plus... SOMEBODY has to keep the Brain-man in line!