Friday, May 15, 2009

miracle (on ice)

lately, so it would seem, this blog has spoken a little bit about miracles.

if you’ve ever seen the movie “miracle on ice,” those who are over 45 lived through it.

"it" was the 1980 olympics.

in what must go down as one of the grandest displays of the illusion of “we vs. they,” a bunch of college kids from the u.s.a. did the i’mpossible – in hockey games – against extremely seasoned opponents from around the world.

back then, it appeared as if the united states of america and the soviet union had “issues” with each other.

what transpired (on ice) was a true david vs. goliath story.

for those of you who lived back then… for those of you who lived through that time in his-story… you Know what i’m talking about.

this post is NOT about being #1…

…rather, it’s about the opportunity to overcome the most daunting of odds.’s about the opportunity that we All have, to transcend that which we think we are… and to trans-form into something much greater than we ever could have image-i-ned.

it was (and IS) a miracle, on ice.

if you ever want to feel what it was like to watch those games, watch "miracle on ice" in its entirety.

it was more than a hockey game.

what is your miracle?


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