Friday, May 15, 2009

life's GREATEST moments

two minutes ago, i got a phone call.

there was no "hello," there was no "how ahhh ya?"

just a bunch of very loud music in the background. ..recently, i'd gotten a few of these calls from my buddy, george (from his new orleans jazzfest celebrations).

it took me no time to realize that this call was from a bruce springsteen concert, and that my buddy "outlaw" pete lawrence (below, left) was howling to the tune of "trapped."

anyone who follows this blog might re-cognize that "trapped" is probably the most significant post of the more than 600 posts on this blog, to date.

when the song was over, pete didn't even try to communicate. can't hear a thing at concerts like that. ..he probably didn't even know if i'd heard the song, but he (obviously) knew that i'd answered the call and that i stayed on the phone for the duration. ..truth be told, i sang along with the band... the whole song (every word).

anyway... ..
when "trapped" ended, pete yelled something into the phone, and then simply hung up.

(or something like that)

he's probably got his arm around his girl (jennie) right now, and they are probably kissing, and soaking up the passion that is the e-street band, live.

when you've got friends/family like pete, you don't ever worry about tomorrows. know that you're here, on the planet, enjoying your todays and re-Member-ing your yesterdays.

thank you, outlaw pete!

and thank you, to all of my friends/family who make this lifetime the most amazing experience in the Uni-Verse!


* photo of the boss from somewhere on the web, source unknown. ..please help me with the citation, if you can!

*ps: who would have ever thought that "
trapped " could set you free?


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