Sunday, May 17, 2009


Pura Vida!

costa rica


  1. That was a most loving place. a spot on the globe that refused to let hurt in... I hope to find more places like it!

  2. .
    having been there on more than one occasion, now...

    something happened in march/april, and Pura Vida acted as the backdrop for an interpersonal Dance of epic proportions.

    * may we find more of those places.
    * may we meet more of those people.
    * may we allow more of those feelings.

    in the end, maybe it's wIe who create the Inner-space that trans-forms the outer space into a great place.

    (or something like that)

    those times, forever gone, are forever waiting to be brought back, like a Gift, into "Present" memory.

    love, len