Sunday, May 17, 2009


to "image-in" is to allow images to flow across the viewing screen of the mind.

image-makers "create" using image-i-nation.

some would say that creations are all-ways in the image of the creator. ..if this is true, we might want to be more careful when we re-cognize violence, horror, war, and bad news. ..if we focus on the negative (gossip, complaint, critique, etc.), we actually image-in those future experiences.

in the same way, we can choose to image-in the beauty, the Light, the fun, the Love, the sunny day, and the dramatic Play.

you may have noticed that this blog accentuates (mostly) positive images. ..yes, it's All by de-sign.

it is completely amazing, how life changes, when we:

* turn off the t.v.
* stop reading the newspaper
* avoid bad news on the web
* avoid gossip

each of us is keenly Aware of that which nurtures us. ..if in doubt, we can always ask ourselves: "how does this feel?" -- and then tap into our own Knowingness.

then, it's as simple as deciding which channel to open. (literally), there are only two possible channels (fear, love), which manifest as thousands of channels.

what are you going to choose to image-in, today?

better yet...
how are wIe going to interpret those images?

* images from lake mattheson and lake wikapatu, n.z. (respectively).

* if you want to know what your were thinking about (in the past), look at your bodymind today;
if you want to know what you'll look and feel like in the future, examine your present thoughts.

* yes, yes... this is what alanis morrisette might call a "jagged little pill." (sorry :)



  1. Often, it's not so simple. One look at that picture could evoke feelings of fear of heights and fear of drowning! It seems I'm enjoying fear, or whatever it is that comes up. The free-fall of existence feels risky. But risky feels good.

  2. .
    exactly :)

    let's use the second picture as an example:

    possible fear (separation) interpretations:

    * it looks too cold up there for me.
    * it's cloudy, and i hate rain.
    * too bad that nature is being destroyed by mindless man-kind. arrghh!#%@&*!
    * i bet that there's mercury in the water, and the fish are toxic.
    * we aussies are better rugby players than you kiwi's.
    * we never go anywhere anymore, bridgett!
    * never risk (or try) anything.
    * always risk everything.

    possible love (unifying) interpretations:

    * i'm grateful to be able to see radiant color.
    * the scene is breathtakingly beautiful!
    * nature helps me relax. ahhhhhhhhhhh...
    * i'm going to pick up a few pieces of trash today, and do my little bit to help our planet.
    * we are lucky to be able to inhale the earth.
    * thanks for sharing this moment.
    * the benefits are worth the risk. let's go for it!

    one picture, infinite interpretations. how does the chosen interpretation make you FEEL?

    of course, there's nothing "wrong" with choosing fear. it just makes the journey feel a lot worse.

    in our world, many of us have a lot of control over what images come in, and we can choose to practice positive interpretation of those images (or not).

    "feelings" (nothin' more than feelings) are a feedback mechanism to help guide us on the journey.

    :) :) :) :), lenny