Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy birthday to gus (Grace)

gus grace is the "surrogate mom" at the woodridge condominiums in tallahassee, florida. ..she and i were across-the-street neighbors for over 15 years.

something told me to write this message to gus, and i'm not really sure what's going to happen next. ..here goes:

dear gus/mom,

let's take a walk down memory lane...

birthdays (and birthday videos), mother's days, holidays, and seminole tailgates. ..posey's, julies' place, a.j.'s, and the bobby bowden show. ..robert, edie, chris, cpt. bob, irish kevin, nicole, coach, dick n' ml, kristin, phil & sonja, cat, and sooooo many other friends who passed through your home.

above: cpt bob & the sparkly guys at an fsu game

left, & below:
edie, robert, gus

below: your "sons" cpt. bob, irish kevin, lenny, robert

below: the jingle bell run (although we tended to walk)
mom, moi, kristin (holding "scruffy")

full moons. ..long drives. .. sailing in destin. ..the "downtown git-down." ..springtime tallahassee.

the many, many, many simple times, just sitting out in front of our houses, welcoming the woodridge residents.

sandi is up here, in charlotte, and i'm sure that she will pass along a "hi mom" when she hears about this post.

please tell my brother robert, and my blood-sister edie that i miss them.

i miss you, too.

i miss the many talks, and the many, many times when we solved all of the world's problems in the course of a few hours. ..i remember knowing that, after a jog across town on a hot summer day, i could count on seeing you by the pool, reading.

i remember clearing out your gutters, and trying to to spray those nasty carpenter bees.

we prepared for the hurricanes together, and we watched wide-rights (& lefts) together.

life is short, but never too short to say:

happy birthday, and
happy mother's day,

Love, lenny


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