Thursday, May 14, 2009

everyOne is bipolar

everyOne has a bipolar order.
(at, wIe ignore the "dis")
there's a very good chance that you:

* have a left & right eye; a left & right hand... and apparently oppositical lungs, kidneys, and temporomandibular joints.

* have moods, that swing.

* experience the illusion of day/night, up/down, and the biggest mirage of all -- "them/us."

of Course... these oppositical "things" are One:

* left & right eyes = depth perception
* arteries & veins = circulation
* high & low tides = flow
* male & female = child
* bad & good = It's All Good
It's All Good.

on relative planes of existence, differentiality is part of the definition. ..a "thing" exists "relative" to that which it ain't.

when we look around, however, there are (not so) subtle clues that re-Mind us that:

at Higher Levels (and at sub-atomic, energetic levels),
the illusion of differentiality fades away into more of a Unified phenomenon.

"heads, i win" or "tails, you lose" (at a Higher Level) = "coin"


we can embrace our apparently insane mood swings, our erratic perceptions, and our shifting experiences. ..we can understand that our "bad/good" actions (at a Higher Level) meld into No-thing--more than a very entertaining storyline.

yours is a mystory of biblical proportions.

in the end, it all comes back to the base theme of this crazy website:
them vs. us = wIe

...and, when it's all said and done,
we won Be-Cause
wIe One

* in a world of backwards, relative, material reflection of Nothingness, maybe it's all just enter-ain't-ment, and may-be the All is sitting back, laughing -- at wIe, the Comedy channel.

* in a world of Sacred mirrors, is it any coin-cidence that a "mir-age" is an illusion? it any co-incident that...
heads + tails = wealth?

* whoa... two too much espresso. ....:)

* graphics by microsoft clipart.

* energetic bodyworkers: click here for Sacred mirrors.


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