Friday, May 1, 2009

"shine" by "collective soul"

several years ago, a little angel turned me on to a rock band called "collective soul." ..note: this is not a religious rock band (far as i can tell).

admittedly, i'm not much of a rocker, but how often can you watch thousands of rock fans in milwaukee sing "Heaven let your Light Shine down"?
(it happens at about 5:20 into the video)
the song has power!
the link is at the end of this post (after the lyrics) for all of your rock & roll pleasure.
lyrics to "Shine" by collective soul,

 from the album "seven year itch"

give me a word 
give me a sign 
show me where to look 
tell me what will i find 
lay me on the ground 
fly me in the sky 
show me where to look 
tell me what will i find
oh, Heaven let your Light Shine down

Love is in the water
 Love is in the air
 show me where to go 
tell me will Love be there
 teach me how to speak 
teach me how to share 
teach me where to go
 tell me will love be there
oh, Heaven let your Light Shine down

click here for the acoustic version

Shine [1]

inspired by "shine" – by collective soul, on “seven year itch

peel away the onion
deep unto the CORE
ease away the blockages until there ain’t no more

dive into the depths of me, the place i thought was “mine”
help me live my purpose, here,
my purpose is to

[1] martino, j. (4-30-.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009 the graphic is from microsoft clipart, keyword: "shine."



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  1. Nice blog! Are you aware of the Collective Soul blog contest? You should enter ;)