Saturday, May 9, 2009


this post is no-thing but a quick tribute to brian martineau, a man who exudes a passion for life and Love soooooooooo strong that you cannot help but get swept up in his aura of Happiness.

brian feels every emotion with a depth of sensitivity that pours out from his Soul. ..his facial expressions clearly display every, single thought (whether he wants to or not). ..a man of faith & conviction, brian also contemplates the wonders of the Uni-Verse with an open mind and a love for learning.

brother/nephew brain-man,

thank you for being the family man and the husband and the person and the Spirit who you are.

your family and friends (wIe) are Blessed to have YOU on this planet with us.

Uncle Lenny

left: brian & (the lovely) ashley

Love, Love, Love!

clare just sent me a pic of brian's alter ego (kevin youkilis). it's from a red sox game, above. ..swing for the fence, bro!


  1. Great tribute and well deserved. I remember when Brian lived in Tampa and Lenny asked me to take his nephew to Bush Gardens. I had a great time. The thing I remember most is how Brian's eyes lit up when he saw the animals. He told me all about each one.

    Thanks Brian, for such a great memory!


  2. Woah, I TOTALLY missed this post!!!

    I am actually tearing-up a bit man. Life moves so fast and it's so easy to get caught up in the now, at the expense of the rest of your life. I apologize to all those who I have lost contact with, I still love you all intensely. You made me who I am, and everything good about me reflects the good in you.

    Much love to all, thank you Uncle Len.

  3. .
    Tear-up, up, and away, super-bro!

    You (actually) didn't miss this post, as it was not posted until after your comment on "mother's day," which In-Spired me to re-Member the many, many GREAT times with the Brain-man.

    Love, Uncle Len


  4. That was really perfect Uncle Len!! =)

  5. Len!

    Once again, you have captured the true essence of the being. This is Brian, described perfectly.


    We love you for too many reasons to enumerate... but reason #1 is:

    "Because you love us ALL so much."

    You are so dear to me...
    xoxoxo, Auntie Clare