Thursday, May 14, 2009

the bipolar express(oh)

sorry kiddies!
you'll have to blame "no one in particular" for this re-cycling of
"the bipolar, expressed," which is never (Really) out of season.

somewhere in the comment section of the post entitled "A Course in Miracles,"
she hung a grapefruit-sized espresso/expresso curveball over the plate,
and i just had to swing away.

30 seconds into the video, below,
is the song that is oh, so important to the rest of this silly post!

so here it is... from 2007...

for your singing pleasure...

the bipolar, expressed [1]

by upand d. own, t. rain, t. racks, and (now) -- toomas e. s. presso

note: this thoem is sung with those little elf voices,
to the chorus-tune of “the polar express” (from the movie "the polar express")


wake and throw the clothing on, then pray to get undressed
that’s the way we play with our bi-polar, expressed

laugh and scream at tv screen, then turn-around (depressed)
dance away (two-step, today) bi-polar, expressed

saturday you love me (close), then sunday i’m a pest
monday i’m the most, again: bi-polar, expressed

curse your home-town baseball team, then give them all your best
we can be both kind and mean: bi-polar, expressed

up and down then left and right then back and forth (what next?)
yin and yang then climb then hang: bi-polar, expressed

male and female come together: child is manifest
left and right hand, that’s my type: bi-polar, expressed

go ahead, please save me from this self-absorbed Be-Quest
in and out, we smile then pout: bi-polar, expressed


* don't you find it interesting that, after the conductor yells "All... Aboard!" he checks his "manifest" to ensure that he hasn't lost any-one?

* may-be... we're all on the Same train (Hommm
mmmmme)... to Christmastown.

* thank you again, suzanne. .....:)

[1] martino, j. (12-14.1-2007). book 56: something happened on our way to heaven. © 2007 by
. graphics by microsoft clipart.



  1. Bill Says It Best:

    Might we but have that happiness, my lord, that you would once use our hearts, whereby we might express some part of our zeals, we should think ourselves for ever perfect.

  2. nice.

    suzanne, thank for the espresso/expresso line that allowed me to reflect back and locate this thoem.

    p.s. GREAT profile picture!