Friday, April 10, 2009


i think i feel a draft…

draft thoems (inspired by volćan arenal)

  • volcán (april 10.1, 2009)
  • lava (april 10.2, 2009)
  • hot (april 10.3, 2009)
  • volćan rain (april 10.4, 2009)
  • expression (april 10.5, 2009)
  • inner flame (april 10.6, 2009)
  • All, set (april 10.7, 2009)
  • lullaby of wIe (april 10.8, 2009)
  • boom (april 10.9, 2009)
  • good fortuna (april 10.10, 2009)
  • could i live here? (april 10.11, 2009)


volcán (pronounced vol-con)

rojo en la noche

power-full (at peace)

poised for an eruption to a state of bliss/re-lease

it’s a constant lava-flow that seems like “off” then “on”

Present-moment (solid/molten), All in One:




by i. m. lava

path of least resistance comes to help me find my way

if i sit and listen (find me deep inside) today



deep inside the body

deep inside the min(e)d

there’s a fire burning (you can see the outer signs)


volcán rain

by i. m. volcan

come and take my picture and i’ll try not to complain

every time i cry (you sigh) in tears of volcan rain



by a. volcán

solid/liquid (flowing)

Here for you to See

pouring our the prana lurking deep inside of me


inner flame

by a. volcán ohh

momma named me volcan and empowered me with fame

little did she know that i’d be cursed with inner flame


All, set

by sonny moon

it’s a grand illusion

rise then set then rise

dark then light then dark then light (a natural disguise)

bad then good then bad then good (you ain’t seeen nothin’ yet)

glimpses of reality, wIe:

set then rise then set


lullaby of wIe

earth connects with sky

solid/liquid, chi

look into my i (and sigh) in lull-a-bye of wIe



life is an explosion

apple falls from tree

changing form expresses as the dance of you & me


good fortuna

thank you for the memories (volcana, solar, lunar)

meeting you was heaven (true):

a taste of good fortuna





could i live Here?

could i live in a country:

where there is no military...

where the people are beautiful (inside and out)…

where nature flows as rainforest, catarata, river, and lava...

where the expression is "pura vida!" …

where green meets with blue…

am i not living Here, Now?

will wIe not live Here, again?

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