Monday, April 20, 2009


the 2009 version of "thunder over louisville" was as incredible as 2008. ..this needs to be an annual road trip.

this year, dan was out of town, and i linked-up with nicki (in lexington) who drove the rest of the way to louisville. ..there, we met up with benny, amy & dave, who took us downtown to observe several jets, helicopters, etc. -- prior to "the biggest fireworks display in america."

below: airshow over the river

above: the oh, so sexy ch-47 chinook,
an aircraft so nice they put rotor-blades on it twice!

below: fireworks, etc.

below: nicki prepares for the airshow

below: the crowd in "the beer garden"

below: thunder over louisville line dancing

below: main stage

below: night flight

below: friends don't let friends linger in the beer garden

below: breakfast at lynn's paradise in louisville, ky.


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