Thursday, April 16, 2009

tea party

my (two, too cool) sisters, donna and clare, rally at the tea party -- downtown providence, rhode island on 15 april, 2009.

in the projo e-newspaper, the caption reads as follows:

"Donna Amaral of East Greenwich (left) and Clare Dunn of Johnston
participate in the Pledge of Allegiance during the rally at the State House."

note: donna and clare are living the very theme of this blog: get on out there and take some kind of personal action, however (seemingly) small, for the betterment of (y)our:

* Ocobodymind
* family
* community
* country
* planet
* Uni-Verse (and now, we've come full-circle)

my two sisters have literally dedicated their lives to taking action for the betterment of my parents and family. ..while this blog talks the talk, they walk the walk.

donna & clare,
i love you,

the tea parties (i.m.h.o.) prove that you can be patriotic, even though you don't support the status quo: govern-mentality.

when the government is mental (and it has been, for several years, now), it is Perfectly Okay for the people to speak up and be heard!



  1. As Thomas Jefferson, once said; "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism". I think it is the very best thing we can do as responsible citizens.

    Yet, since they all remained silent for 8 years, I wonder what the real motivation is for the teabaggers. After all, Bush took office with a surplus in the federal budget; left us with a tremendous debt and not a peep.

    Don't get me wrong, brother; I have always believed that taxation of a man's labor is immoral and tantamount to slavery. But while the Bush regime gave away corporate taxes and lowed the rates for the richest of Americans in favor of heaping more of the burden on less affluent individuals; again not a word from this group of so called tax protesters. It seemed to be more pissed off Republicans than much of anything else.

  2. You've made many key points.

    8 years of justifying the madness of making a few filthy-rich more rich (and more filthy) shows us how much of a motivator "fear" can be.

    We commoners lost a lot. We lost retirements, brother/sister soldiers, economic stability, and international respect.

    In addition to that, our planet took a major hit over the past 8 years, and we (the human-infective virus) may never recover from our own unconscious murder-suicide.

    I sometimes wonder if mother earth might be happier if/when her kin-cancer kills itself as a product of its own insane survival instincts.

    There's no denying (now) that global problems need global solutions, and at least one (intelligent and articulate) leader of the present administration understands that we live on a globe. :)

    This, in itself, is a VAST improvement over the past regime, one that left us (and the rest of the world) with this economic/ecologic mess -- while laughing all the way to our banks.

    Only time will tell if hu-man "do-ings" can Be-come You-man Be-ings, and maybe make it through the obvious dis-ease process.

    The Good news (and there's All-Ways Good news) is that this is yet ANOTHER reason to Love while we can, and to make every, single, precious moment count!


  3. The key point I'd like to focus on, of Course, is that my sisters were out there, DOING it.

    Taking ACTION, and letting a government know that there are people who don't want to be governed by insanity.

    THAT kind of action provides hope. It re-Minds us that we do have a voice.

    So... once again, hats off to my sisters, walking the walk.

    Go, ladies!

    I LOVE it!