Sunday, April 12, 2009

taxi driver

“she was gonna be an actress, and i was gonna learn to fly…

she took off to find the footlights, i took off to find the sky.”


“and here, she’s actin’ happy, inside her handsome home…

and me, i’m flyin’ in my taxi, takin’ tips, and getting stoned.”

from the song "taxi"

by harry chapin (circa de 1970?)


i spoke with a young lady, this morning, who described herself as a “taxi driver.” ..she said that “people seemed to follow her.”

she described her journey as one in which she tended to meet strangers – people who wanted to get further along on personal journeys. ..she’d take them to where they wanted to go, and then she’d drop them off when they were ready.

along the way, they’d share spirited conversation or small talk, or nothing but silence (in other words, everything).

her own personal journey was one of travel, but she also had a sense that the destination was both everywhere and NowHere.

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