Thursday, April 2, 2009


A Course In Miracles says that students are teachers and vice-versa. a sense, we are All student-teachers.

below: thai 101/102 student-teachers in action (practice, practice, practice)

eduardo acts as a spotter (during yoga)

ceasar works with racheal

below: justin "flys" racheal, thus demonstrating his rendition of acro-thaioga

below: move # 48, "walk on feet"
below: eduardo demonstrates "zap the traps"

below: mary demonstrates "bent leg pull back" on racheal.
below: thai outdoors - ceasar applies "palm press, shoulders" with laura.

justin demonstrates "feet walking on thigh" with tracee
below: tracee returns the favor.

below: more acro (training in peru, 2010)

below: tracee demonstrates the tree pose prior to receiving (get this)...
a full-body chocolate massage.

more outdoor thai
below: eduardo gets a few pointers from alex, who is trained in thai-yoga.


  1. Lenny, great pictures! You bring tears to my eyes. I tried to bring a little pura vida in my own living room today;incense, nama shiva drumbeats with a little downward dog, and som yum yum broccolli bean sprout salad. wanted to give you a website this is where the acroyoga peru resort is, site shows pictures and map of resort.Would love to be your roomate!what is your regular email address so I can contact you in the future?namaste, justin rockett

  2. Lenny, Really wish you would have come with me to the beach. It's been a blast. I picked up some trash along with two of my friends. We took pics too. I just need to learn how to get those to you by computer. Log us in for 80 pieces. Love the pics and memories when viewing this website. You will always have a piece of my heart. mwah ps thanks for holding out on the chocalate pic lol pss cat/cow will never be the same. I always have bull/lion in my head now=luv it Tracee Russell

  3. Rockettman & Tracee!!

    GREAT to hear from you guys. As you can tell from the blog, I've extended my stay in CR.

    Justin, you definitely inspired me/us to try the Acro, and I want to go through the training (either Peru or Switzerland).

    Tracee, are you still in Jaco? Did George ever find you? Have you been to Puerto Limon?