Saturday, April 11, 2009

primal howl

alternative title: "howler monkey or big foot?"

the primal howl of the costa rican howler monkey sounds like that of “big foot” (on steroids).

while you’d imagine a giant creature, the howlers are very small in stature. ..the howl, however, sounds like a big dog, barking-in-reverse (while inhaling). ..try it… you might attract of few neighbors. ..of course, they might be interested in more than just coffee.


it must be the alpha male who resonates with the loudest howl. can almost feel his pain and yearning as he begs for a bliss-full connection with a female howler.

he calls out into the forest:

“can you hear me?

..Can you hear me?

....Can you hear me? ..

........Can you hear me?

.............Can you hear me?

....................Can you hear me?”


analysis: the prime time to get primal is (probably) when you’re in your prime.

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