Sunday, April 12, 2009

map reader

a “map reader” is he who interprets maps.

oftentimes, maps are i’mperfect. ..a map might be old, out of date, or worn out. ..a map might be based on a pirated perception. ..a map might be correct (for north carolina), but the same map won’t do you much good in costa rica.

maps can give us ideas about pathways, entrances and exits. ..maps can lead us to where the fresh water flows, and maps can alert us to the best way to avoid an erupting volcano.

maybe our senses are the map-makers of the Uni-verse, providing incomplete and skewed data to those who choose to read and interpret such things.

if the Uni-verse is One Song of Love, maybe our map-making is, in Reality, Love – making.

maybe the map to One’s Heart is written all over his face.

maybe wIe are the face of (sense-ation): seeing, tasting, and feeling that which cannot be heard by that which has no ears.


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