Friday, April 10, 2009


...takes a little effort.

yes, yes, yes, it's true that i'm lucky lenny. ..what isn't always obvious is the behind-the-scenes work that precludes the luck.

this post shows how a little niceness, a little planning, and putting yourself out on the dance floor makes for one hell of a dance. ..the story:

1. i had a florida state university "noles" shirt on when jacqueline & i visited la fortuna's church,

2. elaine, from jacksonville, recognized a fellow floridian and said "hi."

3. turns out that elaine is a costa rica tour guide. ..she's also very much into the massage, yoga, meditation, law of attraction, stuff that we're into. ..she and jacqueline struck up a great conversation.

4. she was hosting a group retreat (from the u.s.) this week, and i offered to teach a short chair massage workshop (for her group, for free).

5. two days later, after seeing elaine around town a couple of times, we chatted about pura vida and other costa rica yoga/spa places.

6. elaine highly recommended a yoga retreat called "samasati," and she suggested that i visit (even though it is on the other side of the country). ..elaine even helped me arrange the transportation.

7. she suggested that i e-mail samasati, just to connect.

below is my e-mail, and below that is the response i got back.

-----------7 april-----------

My name is Lenny, and I've been teaching (Thai Massage) at Pura Vida for a week. I'm now in La Fortuna (Arenal) and would like to visit your facility on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I'll be traveling Saturday (April 11), and would LOVE any information you might have about reasonable accomodations, your programs, etc. I want to visit you and meet you in order to seriously consider Samasati as a future site for excellent retreats. Your organization comes highly recommended from Elaine Bobbitt of Costa Rica In Nature.

I work with Stressbuster Escapes, LMT Success Group, and Costa Rica In Nature to arrange retreats (massage, yoga, meditation, fitness, etc.) and I'm interested in seeing what you have to offer.

I've been the Director of Education at the CORE Institute, School of Massage, and have taught Massage, Clinic, Wellness, Client-Therapist Relationships, Ethics, Communication Skills, Anatomy, Kinesiology, and several Wellness Workshops -- including "Happy Now."

Please let me know if (a) I can stay with you, or (b) if there are reasonable accomodations close-by. Can I stop in on Saturday afternoon? Do you have any advice regarding how to get to you on Saturday?


----------7 april------
Dear Lenny,

Thank you for contacting us!

I can offer you the special group leader accommodation package where you stay for free for two nights ( with breakfast included), having to pay only $ 26.00 for lunch and dinner.

Kimberly, the manager at Samasati can show you around on Saturday so that you have the opportunity to see Samasati. I would love for you to come and bring a group/training/meditation workshop ! We really like to work with groups.

I will send you a confirmation letter for your stay.
Please confirm to me that you want only Saturday and Sunday night (2 in total). If you wish to stay a third night, I can offer you a rate of $ 79.00 with the 3 meals included.

I look forward hearing from you,

Best regards,

Silvia Zani
Samasati Nature Retreat


Sorry, I forgot something: how will you arrive at Samasati form Arenal?

Let me know,


----------8 april------------
Dear Silvia,

In a word...


I will be there on Saturday, probably around 1 pm or so... Saturday and Sunday are definito! I'll be arriving by Inter(something) bus, on a 6:30`am -12:30 trip from Arenal -- unless you have better advice. :)

I'm probably going to fall in LOVE with your place, so I'll say that Monday is a possibility -- the only concern being that I get back to the San Jose Airport by about noon on Tuesday, for a 2:35 pm flight. If I need to leave on Monday morning, I'll ask Kimberly for suggestions as to where to stay and how to get to SJO.

I can't wait to see the place where future magic will happen.


----------8 april-----------

Great. I am sending to you the confirmation letter for two nights and let Kimberly know that you will be there.

Interbus is the best and most economic way to travel, I think it is good you take that. You can also ask the receptionist at Samasati to book an interbus for Tuesday morning. It leaves Samasati around 7:00 AM and it can take you directly to the airport for $ 39.00. For sure you will have enough time to be at the airport by noon for your flight at 2:00 pm.

I look forward to hearing from you once you will be back in the States!
Have great time




...and that's an example of "helping" luck find its way to you.

i received an extremely professional confirmation letter from samasati, about ten minutes later.

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