Tuesday, April 21, 2009

life is a Beach

alternative title "who am i?" -by sandi beach

who am i? (I Am)

by i-eye-I

am i (not) my body?

am i (not) my mind?

am i not the Non-stuff buried very deep inside?


* jack cornfield, on a tape entitled “the inner art of meditation,” notes that “if we are our mind’s ideas, feelings, beliefs, etc., then we’re changing all of the time.” ..you aren't even who you were -- two seconds ago.

* jack says something like: “you’re probably better off relating to your body, because at least that changes a little more slowly.”

* but we all have something, some Non-thing, deep inside. ..a Non-thing that does not change.

* that which is Eternal (it ain’t mind, it ain’t body, so it must be… ???) -- is impossible to put a finger on -- because It is impossible to put a finger on.

* maybe this Whole (physical, relative, dual, material) world is Perfectly Designed to allow that which is I’mmaterial to materialize, to for-get, to experience, and then to re-Member.

* maybe all of this is just the Is, “prodigal Sunning” on a short visit to Uni-Verse-All Beach.

maybe life Is a Beach.

[1] martineau, l. (4-21.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009 www.wellnesseducation.us.


  1. Marvelously well put Lenny. It must be nice to be so unhindered by the English language!

  2. Hi, Suzanne!

    Yes, Lenny has his own language, which began by being raised in Rhode Island, where (as one of my high school teachers said), we speak "low-grade Americaneze."

    :) Love, Len

    PS: Your comment is a great compliment, because it comes directly from one of my favorite authors of all "time"...

    ...You! :)

  3. Lenny being sweet arises in awareness. Or whatever.