Monday, April 13, 2009

last day

alternative title: cool beanz, too!

it is 10:35 am on monday, 13 april. this report comes live, from "caribeans," a coffee shop in puerto viejo, c.r. -- where the mood is laid back (and the coffee comes with a scoop of ice cream).

i've just ordered a "caribean love," which is a shake made of coconut, mango, and vanilla ice cream.

the game plan is to post a lot of backlogged stuff, so expect to see new posts, buried back a few days ago.

are you ready?

below: caribeans

below: my waitress (the lovely shirley)

below: the beach panorama, outside of caribeans


  1. LENNNY!!!! My Brother...

    Wooooeezzzz the wind of change and the departure of blissful shores. As the journey concludes my dear friend, look not into the past, but to the future. For the evenings are embraced with the warmth of the maiden earth, and the cool breezes which she caresses your skin, wisks away the sorrows and the soil of the day past. As you wake upon a new day, it the journey, not the destination which carries the heart and passion far.
    Enjoy the memories, relish in the moments, but look to the horizon of the crystal blue mother, and she will guide you to your life's peak of pleasures....
    Miss ya Bro..... You know what happens in 7 days from now!!!! Woooooo Hooooooo The sharks are chillin, and the ritas are anxious... Travel safely and see ya soon....

  2. Yes, ladies and germs...

    If you read between Dustin's lines, you can feel the pulse of Jimmy Buffet (and zillions of Parrot-heads), making the annual trek to Charlotte, NC on the 20th of April.

    If you want to try to scalp a ticket with me (while tailgating with thousands), give me a call.

    The cell phone will be on in approximately 8 hours!



    Note: Dustin, Dan & their lucky ladies already HAVE tickets.