Monday, April 6, 2009

la fortuna

la fortuna is a sleepy costa rican town that rests beside la volcano arenal. has a great, hometown feel that is hard to describe.

the goal is to see lava, baby!

below: a fountain graces the town parque

below: gringo pete's too (the sequel to outlaw pete?)

below: central parque (en la noche)

below: the church (volcano arenal is in the background)

i love the idea of focusing on resurrections (instead of crucifixions).

we were fortunate (of course) and found hotel fortuna, smack dab in the center of la fortuna.

below: dinner at la rufino. was sooooo good that we ate it prior to snapping the pic.

i guess that the wine was pretty good, also.

below: the lava lounge

below: warming-up, prior to an excursion to la fortuna catarata (waterfall)

coffee at cafe' vienna (because costa rica is a little bit like italy)


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