Sunday, April 5, 2009

forever gone

by going going gone

forever gone
forever Here

forever far
forever near

forever Now

forever True

forever Love

forever (you)

* this thoem is dedicated to a Truly Beautiful Soul (Racheal) who blessed our class with a gentle sense of power-packed expressive intuition.

she graced us by allowing our group a glimpse into unabashed, dancing passion.

her e-mail address contains the title of this post,

............................"forever gone"

to give you an idea of the caliber of student-teacher that i've been lucky enough to share with, check out racheal's post-trip e-mail to her class (below). ..with permission,

------from racheal, to us-------------------------------------------

Hey guys,
just wanted to let you all know i got home in one piece:) i hope you all traveled safely, Laura, i know you're still in transition, please be ok girl;)

I just wanted to have the chance to say what I wanted so desperately to say to you in person, but couldn't for the life of me find the words...

You reminded me of a time when i was so happy, i couldn't get up in the morning without smiling and laughing. You reminded me of what that felt like, of how powerful it is to have people who love you for the hope you radiate. People who care about you because you care about them. People who don't ask for anything in return, and as a result deserve everything we can give.

I had almost lost sight of that feeling of community. That feeling of mutual love and hope.

Thank you, for not letting me forget.

You've rekindled the light in me, and I will always love you for it. 'Cause i will always remember you...

You let a girl know she mattered. I would never ask for that.

I love you guys, never doubt it.


~Racheal Marie Maus, LMT~
Nationally Certified
Forever Gone

-------------------and that's all that really needs to be said, about that--------------


  1. Love the Words you used, Len... Makes me remember there are people who are not afraid to show the world love! That gives me so much hope... :):) Love Ya!!!

  2. Dear Racheal,

    Keep pouring out the Rachealiciousness, because this world needs more of that!

    Hasta luego,