Wednesday, April 15, 2009


a "flash-future" is like a flashback, only in the future:

potential activities in the upcoming weeks (call/e-mail, if interested)

* 17 april - visit beth & marty in asheville, nc.

* 18 april - thunder over louisville (kentucky derby prep) louisville, kentucky

* 21 april - jimmy buffett, charlotte, north carolina

* 24-28 april - jean was going to visit charlotte, north carolina (more to follow)

* 2 may - bruce springsteen, greensboro, north carolina (pete and jennie might visit nc)

* 2 may - jim casey's bring in the summer party, destin, florida

* 2 may - new orleans jazzfest, new orleans, louisiana (sorry, but brother jim casey wins out over bon jovi & bourbon street)

* 1-14 july - lenny visits family in rhode island

* 11 july - femino family reunion, bristol, rhode island


  1. Brother Leonardo:
    Personally, I don't "do" Bourbon Street--which is for neophytes and the unwashed masses. And, yes Bon Jovi will attract the multitudes of "Hey-brahs!" out there.Besides Kemosobe---many, many white tailed deer in forest. But, nothing ventured,nothing gained. Having a bit of old home week/family reunion---PARTY--all stuffed into one big fat, juicy Eryster Poboy of Love the second weekend. Destin is very righteous,though! Have you ever been to Billy Bowlegs in Ft. Walton?--that little shindig is quite the sight as well.
    Curious George--or, is wIe inquisitive?

  2. G-man!

    Just sent you an e-mail. Can't travel in May, since I'll be teaching ministers-in-training at the Unity Center for Spiritual Living in Charlotte (each Monday in May).

    Please keep me (and the world) posted on the nonstop party that IS George from Naaaaaaaahlins.

    Yes, Billy Bowlegs is a Bash of epic proportions.

    Your Bud,

  3. Hey Lenny,

    On May 2nd, does Santa strike again? How are you going to be at the Boss concert in NC, Casey's summer party in Destin, & jazzfest in NOLA all on the same date? If anyone can do it, it's the Lenman!
    Just let me know if your final destination is Destin, so maybe we can see each other for 5 min?!

    Love ya,

  4. Catbaby,

    Turns out that Lenny can't do any, since he'll be teaching future ministers (yes, you read that right) every Monday in May.


    I want to do a Florida workshop tour, however. If I get over 16 in Destin, do you want to assist?

    That might entail more than 5 min, though. :)

    Love, Len

  5. Hey Len-Baby,

    More than 5 min. & assisting a workshop w/ you sounds great! Let me know the details & dates & if you get the numbers you need, I'll be there w/ a smile!

    Love ya,