Saturday, April 18, 2009

feels soooooooooo good

this could be the best song of all time (i.m.h.o.), and it is now the theme song of this blog.

chuck mangione, with his father, to whom he dedicated "70 miles young"

the (linked) video isn't even a video -- just the music/lyrics (and a picture of chuck mangione, smiling away, hugging his flugelhorn).

way back in nineteen-ninety something, kristen dessert and i got to see chuck mangione live, front row, at the havanna (fl.) music festival. ..of course, he played "feels so good," and although i'd sent up a note (requesting the vocal version), we had to "settle" for the acoustic version.

the way that chuck honored his band and made love with his music is impossible to describe.

you've got to hear this! (but maybe read the vocals, first, or during, or whatever)

this is a very, very rare cut -- a vocal-version of his smash hit.
only 4:17

below: lyrics to "feels so good" -by chuck mangione


there's no place for me to hide
the thoughts of all the times i've cried

and felt this pain, that i have known
because i needed just to hear that special something

and then one day
you just appeared

you said "hello"
"let's make love along the way"

your name is music to my heart
i'll always really love you

feels so good when i'm with you
i can't believe you love me too

with you it feels like it should feel
with you it feels soooooooooo good


* this is the way that i want to feel, with my future (w/l-ife partner), as she and i dance out the next several years of our earthly lives. ..this song can be taken as if you are singing to your music, to your lover, to your Spirit/God, to your soul-mate, etc., etc.


i'm going to listen to it again, right now.

are you out there, baby?
can you hear me??

* the singer, i believe, is don potter.


  1. Len,

    No song has ever touched me so deeply. Thanks so much for sharing, now I have to go wipe my tears.

    Love you,

  2. Yo Mate,
    I just took a large leap back in time. Summer of 78, I was a live in state park ranger in up-state New York (Lake George)with no car(just my 10 speed bike). I bought a ticket to see Chuck Mangione at SPAC in Saratoga. It was a good 30 miles south - no car, so I thumbed a ride. Beautiful amphitheater! Walking up to the grounds, I noticed this old guy selling t-shirts of Chuck M. Remember thinking it was somewhat weird that he was an older guy and that he had a great smile on his face doing it. Took my seat, slightly off center right,three rows back from the orchestra pit for an enchanting evening of soaking up all that Chuck had to offer. Total Relaxsation. I remember he played "Feels So Good", "Children of San Chez", and "Give It All You Got". In the middle of it all he said to the audience something like,"If you wonder what I'll look like in 30 years, look at the guy out there selling t-shirts. That's my Pop!" What a great night! ....Funny thing I can't recall how I made the late night return trip home. Willy

  3. I asked Willy why he could not remember how he got home (too many beers?). No, he said he was stone sober, he just did not have a care in the world. He was in a relaxation fog.

  4. Interesting... I don't remember how I got home from Chuck Mangione's show either.

    Maybe they put something in the water?

    Maybe that's why it "feels sooooooo good"?