Sunday, April 5, 2009

the end is the beginning

even good things must come to an end, which is (in Reality) a big-inning.

left: one-by-one, our fellow student-teachers boarded different shuttles to sjo (the aeropuerto).

joanne is the last one to get on the bus.

i planned on ending my stay at pura vida the way that it began: in lahla land.

watsu (shiatsu in the water) is a form of massage that is given in pura vida's specially designed hot-water watsu pool.

lalah's treatment got cancelled, and there were only three of us (george, jacqueline, & moi) left from the lmt success contingent.

below: george, jacqueline, lenny

we had a GREAT time, dining, talking and hot-tubbing. decided to cancel/change his flight, and he's going to try to stay and visit tracee at the beach in jaco.

my plan was to stay in the "globetrotters" hostel for a couple of nights before coming home, but jacqueline wants to explore costa rica for a couple of days -- and we've become buddies.

my options:

a. stay in san jose, maybe take an excursion

b. go with george to the beach in jaco, maybe link-up with tracee (who knows the area)

c. travel with jacqueline, maybe to see "arenal" (a live volcano)

i went with option c-plus, which means that jacqueline and i are going to la fortuna, which is the town that rests beside la volcano arenal. ..i'm going to extend my costa rican adventure for about a week.

so... although lahla land (the original plan) got cancelled, new adventures are on the horizon. ..maybe la fortuna can be la la land, too.


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